Opti-Footy: gift idea for Christmas

For Christmas in family: The Opti-Footy

Born to a request of my sailing club of “real” boats to introduce toddlers to the great principles of sailing , the Opti-Footy is used primarily as a teaching tool . So, with this tool, the children understand very quickly that front wind a boat is not moving, that downwind must shock sheet, etc … and that not enough peak tensioned creates a bad wrinkles in the mainsail … A Opti-Footy session proves to be more effective than a theoretical course of the same duration … and much more fun.
Another advantage of the thing, by very light air, beginners kids bored on their boats … a small meeting Opti-Footy before sailing has a strong tendency to motivate young troops …
The Opti-Footy has quickly seduces children who love it and monitors sailing club . For the oldest , coaches quickly saw the value of the formula to instill in their students the challenges of strategic positions boats , reading of the water and the effect of a lifted or a refusal on vessel position .
Coaches have also be used to explain the positions and “Match Race” rules .

For children and adults , the Opti-Footy therefore delight young and old.

Design / construction:

Given the “club” use by people who are not necessarily for modellers , it was necessary to design a robust and reliable model , appropriate economic and easily repairable .

The plans were extrapolated from the real plans of the " Optimist " , adapted to the Footy class, the freeboard was increased slightly and the hollower hull , deck plan is the exact reproduction of the existing model, an “Optimist” has a length / width ratio of 1 to 2, the Opti- Footy fits perfectly into the Footy gauge.

The hull is 3mm Depron and is very simple to build (6 items cut : bottom, 2 sides , aft transom , forward transom and the central couple) , the rig is carbon tube 3 and 4 mm , requiring no piercing, the Z was made with stainless steel hook 2.7mm for slate , the keel and the rudder are made of aluminum. The radio transmitter / receiver T2M 2.4GHz 2-way, rudder servo : micro servo Power HD- D65HB , sail servo : Hitec HS- 82MG on cassette , sailing made with plastic bag.

performance :

Although the Opti-Footy was not designed for the purpose of performance, it appears that it is doing pretty well . But not as good as a model of competition , the Opti-Footy is doing very honorably a game against pure racing models which makes it an introduction to boat regatta.
Its control is very easy, the boat is very responsive and because it is very weighted , it is very tolerant , which was the goal in this case for the sailing club.


The plans will be released when I have a little time to put them to own ! But if many of you ask me , I 'll make sure to send them before Christmas …

Jean-François Bessière
French Footy Registrar

Great idea and very nice gift for Christmas !
Good opportunity, before my PC is going off for removal, to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Hello all of you,

Here find the plans.



For information, many Opti-Footy are built in France, and we expect to create a new class of monotype…

Jean-François Bessière
French Registrar

Bonjour Jean-François
Après trois ans et demi voila ton retour, dommage que les liens que tu indique je n’arrive pas à les ouvrir : - error 404 –

Hi Jean-François
after 3.5 year you are back, but unfortunately I can’t open your kinks : “error 404”

Hi Claudio -

his two links opened for me. Windows 7 with Firefox browser


Hi Dick, I used Windows XP, it may be the cause ?

Salut Claudio,

Oui, de retour sur le site, en passant par un autre ordinateur, mon adresse IP ayant été banni, j’ai découvert par hasard que je pouvais encore entrer sur le forum par un autre ordinateur. A priori, nous sommes nombreux dans ce cas.

Donc, tu peux aussi trouver les plans de l’Opti-Footy sur les site France Footy RC, rubrique “La coque” puis “Opti-Footy Nouveaux gréements A+, A, B, C”, l’ensemble des plans y est.

Si tu pouvais développer l’Opti-Footy dans le Sud, cela serait super. Dans le Nord, il y en a, à ce jour, de connu, une bonne dizaine en construction. Et la première régate à lieu le 23 avril à Cergy, la seconde le 21 mai en Normandie, un programme de 1 régate par mois à suivre.

A bientôt


Hello Claudio,

Yes, of return on the site, via another computer, my IP address having been banished, I discovered by chance that I could again enter on the forum by another computer. A priori, we are many in this case.

Thus, you can also find the plans of Opti-Footy on site “France Footy RC”, section “La coque” then “Opti-Footy Nouveaux gréements A+, A, B, C”, all the plans is there.

If you could develop Opti-Footy in the South, it would be great. In the North, there is, to date, of known, good about ten under construction. And the first regatta with place on April 23rd to Cergy, the second on May 21st in Normandy, a program of 1 regatta a month to follow.

See you soon


Bonjour Jean-François,
Je suis desolé, mais suite aux “affaires” que tu connait bien, j’ai laissé le monde du footy depuis et revenu à mes vieux amours comme le Classe M et prochainement le 10R.
Je aide aussi à développer les RG65 qui donnent pas mal de satisfactions depuis de nombreuses années au niveau mondial.
Suite à une opération, cause hernie lombaire, je suis encore au repos.
Ceci dit, j’ai eu du plaisir d’échanger quelques mots.

After the well none “affairs”, you surely remember, I left the Footy world and back to my Class M.
Unfortunately with my operation to the lumbar hernia I’m still resting.
Happy to get some word exchange.
Best regards,