Well my TP 52 plug is nearing the finishing stages and I am contemplating how to finsih her. I would like to keep it similar (if not exactly) like a current TP52, with the exception of my design pdf. Please let me know which one you would choose, without taking into account how hard it would be to reproduce.

  1. My Own Design (Full Cry)
  2. Samba Pa Ti
  3. Trader
  4. Navy Blue Hull (Think Windquest)

All pretty boring arent they? Some real colour similar to the new breed of Volvo 70s would make for a much more interesting and head turning paint job. IMHO.

Maybe, but since I am being true to the TP52 design i figure it would only help to keep it similar if not exactly like a real TP52. Unfortunately the boat built with the design I was given is extremely boring so I am searching elsewhere. I’m still leaning towards Trader because it is def. different and simple which I think will help to magnify the other inportant details (i.e. deck hardware, deck details, etc.)