Open60 wintersail

Hi guys,

It is finally done ! The IMOCA Open60 at 1:20 scale. I could make some comparisons on the water with IACC120 (when built one…), as it seems to be a new reference to R/C sailboats.

Still remains a little decals and paint job; many improvement on jib/forestay tension. Maybe also reducing the jib area to move the CV back… Wind speed was about 7 knots (13 km/h) and this flat boat tends to dive. I’ll wait for a better weather to go back on water for fine tuning (-5°C this afternoon).

It’s not a perfect job, “Safran” is a little bit too flat, a little bit too heavy (250g that could be earned in a new construction…175g at least.) and the sailplan is at the experimental stage (reproduced to scale from a picture / 60 dm²)… But I’m proud of the result ! This is my second RC sailboat construction and I started from a sections drawing found in a sailing magazine.

Concerning the total weight [ Claudio was (still) right ], I was aiming 2750g with a 1350g bulb (quasi 50%) but finaly came very close to 3000g with same bulb weight ( 45 %).
Claudio told me in January that he didn’t thought tis project was possible under 3kg. CQFD.

Any comment or suggestion is welcome

Thank you all
Because if I have been able to build this boat, it is thanks to this forum and all users that post pictures, comments, tips, encouragements…
And a special THANK to Claudio that show me the way to follow. I’ll be thinking of you on next Wednesday.



Just adding some pictures.

Congratulations. Great job.

Thanks Wayne,

I was feeling a little bit alone with this project…
Happy to see some people (one for instant) show some interest in.You can see many pictures of the building on my profile page, under “album”, and if some more would, I could add the hull drawings and we could share some ideas to improve other buildings…


Paulin. I did as you suggested and looked at the album. It is a great look into your build process. Congratulations on taking the magazine article and converting it to a scale model. I was impressed to see the model exhibit the same sailing characteristics as the original, extreme heeling which shows the whole bottom.
I don’t have an interest in building an open 60, at least not in the near future. When I have finished the IACC120 I will build “Black Betty” following that I have some drawings of the ketch Steinlager which I intend to do as you did with the Open 60, hopefully with a similar degree of success.


Many thanks,

I which you good luck on your following constructions.
I’ll make a research on “Black Betty” that doesn’t seems to belong to any R/C sailboat class. Interesting project…
I’m also working on an ACC120, so I count on you to share pictures of your progressing work. It’s always usefull to see different building technics or points of view.

Best regards,

I will share any information I have. I am still fairing the plug for the iacc120. I saw your iacc120 amongst the photos in the album, it appears to be more advanced than mine.
Black Betty was a nickname given to ABN-AMRO 1 the VOR70.


Nice choice !

VOR70 are big sisters of Open60 with many similarity. It will be interesting.
I add drawings you may already get.