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This question has been asked and answered several times in the forums but I can never find it when I need it. I’m going to paint my hull and I need a blow-by-blow on how to get that smooth glossy finish that looks soooooo nice. Thanks,

It is basically an automotive painting process and there are some fine examples on Butch Bragg’s Sand Point Model Yacht Club in Titusville. He works in an auto body shop.

Some automotive parts stores carry all the grades of sandpaper, and rubbing and finishing compounds you would need. They even sell polishing & buffing wheels that adapt to your hand drill.

Do a search on

Automotive Refinishing Process

Yes, I have seen the post on painting also here in these forums.

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surface prep, and then good sanding and polishing…

a lot of practice and frustration…as well…

and then large amount of anger/frustration when someone port tacks on the start line and rams you and chips the paint…:slight_smile:

You are in luck.
I have just posted this article in the new Micro Magic Wiki.
It is written by Charles Samaha from Florida and covers all you need to know.

I found the article I was thinking about. Found it with a google search on the following:

painting Greg Vasileff

Here is one of the hits:

It leads to Greater Hartford Model Yacht Club-My Process For Painting a Hull