One Meter Multihull

Does anyone know of plans for one meter multihull models.
I have been toying with a Victor Wildcat for a while and wish to go a little larger but not as large as the Mini40 class. I have heard that Dick Lemke and or Doug Lord were the ones to ask.
Thanks in advance

Do a search in the multihull section of this forum and look for “IMPULSE”

It is a very brief set of line drawings, not true “instructions”. Designed to shape from household foam insulation, covered with plastic packaging tape and then layup glass over. You can remove foam, dissolve foam, or leave it inside. The design can be built as a trimaran with one main hull and two floats - or it can be built as a catamaran using the center hull twice. You can use any 1 meter rig and sails.

If you are looking to purchase the major parts of a smaller multihull - visit and he has parts (or entire boats less mast) for both Mini40 and the RG-65 which is about 25-1/2 inches in length. A bit smaller than the 1 Meter, but he has sold these and has photos on his site. Prices aren’t too bad for a fiberglass hull design. Don’t buy masts as the cost to ship from overseas is too expensive due to their length.

Good luck with the search, and keep us posted if you decide to build. Always looking for another multihull sailor.

Regards, Dick Lemke

PS - Doug Lord no longer builds multihulls and don’t participate on this forum any longer.