One for the Gipper

I’ve seen signs that without the relentless organizational skills of my friend Angus, the Liverpool Footy Challenge and Symposium may be in jeopardy.

This event was Angus’s idea…his inspiration…and his vision of seeing Footy enthusiasts from around the world coming together to have fun racing and sharing ideas and techniques is the kind of thing only he could be ambitious enough to conceive.

He did a great job of getting started, but now our friend is in hospital, and unable to personally drive his vision.

This is not the time for us to let his idea fade because of other distractions or indifference. Angus had a great vision for this event, some have volunteered to carry it through, and the rest of us should carry on to make it happen.

If there were ever a time to invoke the old phrase to “win one for the Gipper,” this would be it. I hope all who told Angus they would contribute or participate will follow through and do so…if at all possible.

Let’s make Angus’s vision a reality. It’s not much to do to thank him for all he’s done for all of us. And it can be a fantastic event, as he envisioned. With luck, maybe he’ll be well enough by then to be there with us. If not, I’m sure he would be most pleased to see that it happened as he hoped it would.

Bill H

After a short rest, I’m back to fiddling with Footys. I won’t be attending the Liverpool event but will try to get reports of my build and sailing characteristics out to interested folks. The hull I’ve decided to build is Angus’ Armadillo. It looks to have some of the features I like but is a bit toward the narrow side. We’ll see how it goes.