One Design Open 60 RC-sailer : Maiden Voyage

Hi all,

I’ve been reading this forum for quite a while now and just wanted to let you know I’ve lauched my new RC-sailer.
It’s a new design partially based on the Open 60 as seen on the Vend?? Globe.

Interested people can check the building proces on but remember that I’m NO professional :-))

Length = 130 cm (+/- 51 inch)
Weight = 1.8 kg (+/- 3.96 lb)
Sail Area = 1m2 (+/- 10.76 ft2)
Draft = 75 cm (+/- 29.5 inch)

Construction = Carbon


Wim (Belgium) [:-bonc01]

Download Attachment: DSCF0004_2.jpg

Very cool, Wim!

I am looking forward to seeing how the tuning and sailing works out. Are you guys already working on a 2nd hull?


Not yet but this basicly has to do with the fact that my collegue is out of the country for about half a year and I don’t really need two :slight_smile:


Great boat! Have you thought about playing with a canting keel or water ballast like on the full size 60’s? Also have you had a chance to try it in any waves yet? If its anything like the full size its going be blisteringly fast downwind in a bit of chop! (thats if you want to risk your pride and joy!). Nice one!

If its not blowing it sucks!

Looks like you’ve done a great job! Good luck…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing