Onboard Video 2 M ACC

My first try at an onboard video with a Gopro on “Alinghi”
Tough conditions ranging from 7-20 with squalls and t storms passing by but still fun!


200 plus views, very cool! Any thoughts on the video? :slight_smile:

looks a wee bit overpowered in some cases…

at the top end I agree, setup was for 5-10 and the top TWS here was 20.
Hull shape wise it was designed to sail at around 22-28 degrees of heel

Looking good John - you’re next challenge should be to get that sail winch to play a recognisable tune!!



LOL! I know, spoke to Rob at RMG about trying to improve it’s holding power.
Plan is to switch to a spiral drum & see it that helps.
I think the big issue is just how much righting moment we have…