Olympic sailing online

For sailors in the US, if you are interested in watching some of the Olympic sailing events, both live nad archived, NBC has them streaming here:


You have to have a TV provider account, such as DirectTV, Cablevision, UVerse or some other provider. If you do not, there are ways to get the video stream from the BBC, but you have to fiddle with your browser and give it a UK proxy, details here:


Need a UK proxy? I have heard this works: http://www.expatshield.com/

One of the best sailing commentaries ever … this guy has got to be hired for AC T.V :smiley:


Very funny indeed, at least is free of charge !!! I can’t stop laughing … hahahahahhhhh!!!

That’s brilliant, really started my day well, it’s a real LOL, thanks for posting the link. :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Very funny, thanks!

But the sad thing is it’s the only glimp of sailing in the Olympics that I have been able to catch up until now. In Canada, we are stuck with distributor that don’t bother to show this sport. And it’s not for the lack of trying IP proxying from my part. Any other video links, serious ones or not?


Danish television is live-streaming their broadcast at their website. http://www.dr.dk/TV/live/dr1 with danish commentary though.

Might also be possible to see old programs. It was a nice medal race of the menn’s Finn yesterday http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/ol-nyt/ol-nyt-19#!/. Although the Dane lost the gold.


The Olympic Catamaran (mixed team) for Rio being sailed …