Old R/c Boats

I just bought a boat off Ebay and I’m trying to confirm that it is a Cox Tradewind. If you when this boat was built, the years of it’s production run… Anything would be helpful.

The boat is 36" long and 10" wide, has a removable keel, the hull is made from foam. The mast and sails look exactly like a Fairwind. It has three removable hatch covers. I have a red hull and the deck has lines that make it look like planking.

The upload here is not working. Pictures of the boat are on the Fairwind web site main page http://fairwind900.home.comcast.net/



Fairwind Web site:    http://Fairwind900.Home.Comcast.Net/


I would say it is a COX Tradewinds, I have one but with a brown deck instead of white.

The raido installation is custom, mine came with a small white styrofoam block with holes in it just the right size for the COX / Sanwa radio they expected you to use. There was no spot for a sail winch. I ended up fastening mine to the keel trunk.

The keel has two chromed bolts that go up thru the hull and is secured with wing nuts? That is what mine has. What does the keel weigh? The instructions tell you to use (if i remember correctly) 8 - 9 lbs of lead shot. I do still have the instructions.

I bought mine back in 1989, and it had been kicking around the Hobby shop for a while, I don’t know when they were produced.

Hope this helps,

Kevin L.

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I bought mine in 1980. That’s what most of the sailors had. I sent it to Tahiti a few years ago after studying the tradewinds and currents. I had friends down there when it was supposed to arrive. I really didn’t expect them to see it. I put in solid foam so it couldn’t sink and put in sealed messages but never got a reply. We they told me their shark tales ( one even came right on the swim platform chasing a caught Mahi Mahi). I figured it got bit by a shark and never made it. I threw out the instructions when I sent the boat on it’s way. We were a few miles out when I drop it off the big boat I race on and watched it wing and wing till out of site.