OK now where to sail

I hav just completed Footy no 3. The first a std Papay II, the second a Papya II with an una rig. Both sail but the lack of a full depth keel and no ready designed alternative sails just was not me. Just finished a BUG. It will maiden on the local canal. However where is the nearest hot bed of Footydom. Burton on Trent in 2010 ran in the Northern Leauge races but it seems they are not in it now. Have all the Footy skipper left?. Where is the nearest place to Derby UK to meet.

Hi Ushcha,

It has been a very long time since there has been much activity on this forum let alone from the British contingent. Unfortunately since Angus was no longer able to contribute there hasn’t been much of the British sailors. By the looks of the magazines there are still people involved with Footies (eg Vice, Stollery et al) but just not contributing to this forum. This is sad as the British formula for Footies is different to the US one and we think it is not yet clear as to which is the best option. There also hasn’t been much input from US people on this forum now it appears that they are mainly on the US Footy forum. Perhaps post there.
Good luck, hope you find someone to sail with.

Peter & Clare

Hi, UshCha

The footy calendar is found in full at

It includes the phone numbers of the people to contact, and some emails

Trevor Thomas is the Sailing secretary (a derby inhabitant) and is on this forum as firstfooty

If none of these work, pm me and I will see what can be arranged (I’m just down the road in Leicester)



good to see another footy in the UK,

I live in Bristol, but i will be up and around nottingham on the 21st/22nd of March, if you wanted to meet up and sail.
I would be interested in comparing notes, as i have both a Razor 3, and a AWK, and because i can’t sail them together, its difficult to tune them.

I recently partook in ‘Freds big Toephy’ in guildford, and ended up playing submarine a lot.

Let me know if you are interested?


Unfortunately I’m working those days and it will be dark early. Could meet up for a chat. Cheers Brian brian.handley2@ntlworld.com


I have sent you an email… One other option you could consider is the Wicksteed park event being held next weekend , Saturday 12th March. Its an open event, and a North Midlands footy series event, so there should be lots of boats.