OK>>>>>I got it built, Now what????

I am totally new to sailing. That being said, HhhhEEeeeeeeeeLlllllllPppppppp!!!

I have a pool to practice in, but I haven’t a clue how to adjust the sails,turn into the wind, keep the yacht from capsizing. I have a replica of a 12 meter yacht. She is called the Seagle-12. The keel is short and trim. the sails are only two. Single masted, dual sailed beasty. She is small…20" long 5" wide. Every time I turn the rudder to execute a turn, she either blows over to one side and capsizes or the sails go limp and she dies in the water. Can anyone tell me how to turn this thing without losing forward momentum or turning her over?? All help is greatly appreciated. I want to get my children involved, but I still look like an idot! LOL I need to understand this first. [:-scared]

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www.howstuffworks.com and search criteria sailboat. [}}:-|>>]

To sail a sail boat one must understand the basics. And the same basics are there, it is not a matter of boat size.

Basicly, Your problem is the same what all sailors have. Better sailors handle the problem better.

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From your discussion, I gather that you have little actual experience in sailing. I suggest you go to the library (or large bookstore) and look over the text on basic sailing (not racing). Look for text that have an emphasis on how to set up the boat, how to steer the boat for various wind directions and how to set the sails. Don’t worry about any sections dealing with docking real sailboats and the like. The basics are really pretty simple, once you see them displayed in a good text.


i know this will sound strang to most ppl here. My wife is new to sailing. she had never sailed before we met. never even stepped on a boat. the first thing i did last year was to get her a book called sailing for dummies. and last year she could not touch me. this year I am proud to say she beat me. with my old boat. everything that applies to the big boat applies to the small ones. good luck and kep at it. everybody wins if we all have fun