OK I decided on some FOOTIES

My intention is to build three, a racer and two cruisers.

For the racer Imma build a Razor 3. For the cruisers I intend to build a Brando and a Presto.

I know where and how to aquire plans for the Razor 3 and the Brando but I dunno where or how to aquire plans for the Presto. Can someone help me out?

Hi, TV Racin fan

Presto,like Brando, was designed by that wonderful Italian gent Flavio Faloci. I don’t think he has published plans for Presto but he has been generous enough to make the lines available to me and at least one other person who is doing an excellentl build.
Flavio posts frequently on the forum - you could ask him!

are you a builder in tree-wood? I ask only because all three boats you have selected are builds for people who like wood (possibly ply for the razor 3). Also Razor and Brando require some input from the builder to figure out what goes where and what to hang it on!
My version of Presto

There is a build thread on this forum


Thank you for the info I will avail myself of it.

I dunno that I would classify myself as a builder or not. I have built a couple of boats from kit and am bull headed enough to believe that I can.

I have wanted an rc sailboat for some time (had a Sunfish then a 16ft Hobie Cat in my younger days). In fact I bought a kit many years ago but the sail rig was very vague and I had no clue where to turn for help at the time (no internet for me and all that) so it was never finished (I intend to finish it, when I can find it in storage). Just recently stumbled across this site and found answers to most of my questions and decided that I would really love to have a couple of FOOTIES as they are small enough to sail almost anywhere (there may be some mud puddles in the yard that wont work). While everyone wants to go fast I love the idea of a couple that look simply amazing like Flavio’s designs (not to say these designs are not fast but they are surely beautiful). In fact it was Brando that settled me on a footy in the end.

YOu might want to take a look at what’s offered on www.scalesailing.com as he has one Footy that is style similar to Presto, pintail (http://www.scalesailing.com/pintail.htm)


Don’t discount Flavio’s designs in the racing department either. While they have a charming gaff rigged “vintage” air they can really move as well. Flavio hinself place well in this years Euro-footy event in Poland with his latest rigs on Presto. My (increasingly fallible) memory tells me that he was 5th this year

Here is Flavio with the first two Prestos

and they sailed together like this

<<I dunno that I would classify myself as a builder or not. I have built a couple of boats from kit and am bull headed enough to believe that I can.>>
Thats good enough! Wanting to enough will make it so! Your boat choices also have designers who care, support and enthuse about footys.

Suggestion - do one at once:). I know one person at least who make several boats at a time. It MAY be coincidence, but none of the boats ever gets enough care and attention to sail very well. (but I enjoy it!)

I do not discount these designs for speed, but I chose them for their cruising appearance, and they will look wonderful on display.

While the Pintail is very nice I much prefer the lines of Brando and Presto. I am not 100% settled on the Razor, I intend to run a una rig on the racer if for nothing else the simplicity of the rig.

One at a time would be best I am sure, but my intent is to have my grandchildren help with building during their Christmas break. Perhaps they will become interested enough to want one of their own.


Presto’s plans are not - yet - available.

Even if so far three versions of this model have been built ( one is andrew’s one, and two are my own models ) I am still working on final version of drawings.

Most probably final “product” will be a set of plans and/or a woodpack kit of precut parts and/or a booklet .

In any case there are lot of details to be considered, evaluated, and fine tuned.

Just to make an example, with wooden boat magazine staff, we are currently evaluating the possibility to use a small number of thick “lift” planks or a greater number of thinner planks ( both solutions have been tested )

Or, again, we have discussed about the feasibilty of verticla planks instead of horizontal.

My american friends are looking to sell only " first class " objects ( books, plans, kits or coffe mugs ) and - for this reason - all details are carefully analyzed.

Brando’s plans are not cheap ( 30 $ ) , taking in accont we are speaking of footy , but - so far - about 150 sets have been sold.

These semiscale models are pretty ( and quite fast ) but their building is much more time consuming than a much simpler ( and faster ) Hagerup’s cobra or razor.

All considered, not less than 40 manhours are needed for my catboat, and about 60-80 hours for Presto.

Not models to be built in hurry.

For the next future I am looking to reduce building time to a more affordable time budget, both using precut parts, as well studing a semplified design ( Folletto )

I agree with Andrew : building three models at same time is a bigg effort


ps : see here two different plank thickness on presto ITA 13, and presto MKII ITA 21

Well I got some bits and got started on some FOOTY’s.

I got a new camera so I’ll be learning how to get decent photos along with building some boats.

Would have sworn I made a post here the other day…

Oh well.

The only news is I have not given up the ship err boat errr project.

I am expecting a few packages when the snows lets loose, radio gear and some trolling wieghts, plywood etc…

Hi tv_racin_fan

You did indeed make a post the other day.
Are you building the Razor in styrene plastic? There is a packet in the background.
If so it would be interesting to see how the weight goes. See our thread below of a similar wooden boat where we have recorded weights at different build points.
Have you decided on a scale subject yet?
Good luck with the project.

Peter & Clare

The hull you see waiting on glue to dry is indeed a styrene Razor. I bought 12" sheets so had to piece the two side panels. I have a set of Brando plans on hand for one of the cruisers and intend to build both the styrene Razor and a plywood Razor and a plywood Razor III and the Brando. I had to order the torpedo weights as none of the local places I tried had anything larger than 2 oz’s. I intend to build keels with 7 and 6 oz bulbs.

Why not just make your own keel weights?

I make the molds from plaster of Paris ( available from local craft shops) and lead ( from gun shops) that you melt in an old soup can. You can easily make a new mold in a different shape or size, or adjust the weight & shape of the cast item if you need something else. The only hard part is figuring the size of the weight to make a plug to mold. Then you can easily make as many as you need.

IF I had known that the local fishing gear shops didn’t have anything of the correct size I probably would have cast my own, but I felt it would be easier to shape already cast lead than to cast my own.

SURPRISE!! I got packages delivered on a sunday…