OK. Gotta do this.

Have here 3 model boats, one made by me. I made a model of Phil Bolger’s Chebacco sailboat because I intended to make a full size version…and I did. Made it in Papua New Guinea when on assignment there at a university. Materials were PNG rosewood, basswood and “supa glu.” Another model is made by a PNGer and is from Salamaua, a small village on coast of Huon Gulf there. Handcarved hull, hand plaited sails of pandanum leaf. Both boats are non-sailing. Although the full sized version of the
Chebacco sails like a dream, the model was built not for sailing but as an instructional tool on ‘how to’ build the full size version.

The last model is a Malaysian “Jong” boat, about 4’ long. It is a sailing craft. Jong boats are a class of boats of unknown (to me) origin, possibly Indonesian. I bought mine from a Malay fisherman who had 8’ models and the short one hanging from his porch ceiling. Sails were shot (thin plastic); I replaced them with heavy cotton. This is a boat with an outrigger, a substantial jib on a bowsprit and of course a mains’l. The fisherman/model maker was quite poor. I was working with university students in his remote kampung. We kept looking at his model. Finally, he brought it down to eye level. I brought to him cans and cans of paint, tools (wife and I were leaving Malaysia for the States). He wanted to bargain. I did not. I said, “Hold out your hand.” And I started to peel of money, laying bill upon bill into his hand (his wief and kids looking on). Finally he said, “Stop!” Later, when talking with colleagues at the Malaysian university, they complemented me for my form of “charity.” I guess they were right, but I know darn well that I wanted that model!

I’ve come to this forum because I discovered the “Balmain Bug” models of Australia and hope to find sufficient info on their sailing characteristics and (if good) to build 1 or 2 or 3 of them. Can anyone offer help on this…and on which one of the various categories???

So, that’s me. Not a RC guy. Convince me.

DickB :devil3:

Welcome to the forum - glad you got everything in line and able to access.

I am sending you a PM with email address for a fellow who wrote a book on the history of the Balmain Bugs and who sent me a copy of it.

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