ODOM Rudder quirks

I was looking at the old boat to see if there was anything that needed service and after looking at the rudder I noticed two things:
the rudder shaft angle was not parallel to the leading edge of the rudder. It was tolted forward and was NOT bent. What should the angle be?

The other thing is the leading edge (fiberglass rudder) is slightly wavy. Not much, and there are two ‘bumps’ or high spots. I was going to sand it a little to straighten it out.

Check with someone in the Odom class(see amya.org) regarding the rudder. But if the top of the rudder shaft is leaning forward you need to check that no more than 19% ideally-25% max of the rudder area is forward of a line projected down the rudder parallel to the rudder shaft; more than that can allow oscillations that can screw up a servo.Sounds like the shaft might have moved during layup or been assembled incorrectly.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Without taking anything away from Chad, you might ask this question over on the “Windpower” r/c sailing forum. Bill Mullica not only runs that board, he is ODOM class secretary. I know a lot of ODOM sailors hang out there and I have a feeling they know the workings of those boats inside and out.

I second Roy’s recommendation!

The Other Matt