Ochroma Lagopus

Yes, I know its also described as “Ochroma pyramidalis” but I like the speckled description


What ya talkin about Willis???


Not talking “about” anything, just talking

any firstfootys reading will hear in the right way



can I have a pint of whatever Andrew is drinking


You’ve obviously not been with us long :rolleyes:

Andrewh doesn’t do serious very often. What you have to do is read patiently, sort out the nuggets that you can follow and understand and just let the Latin drift over your head.

This thread has already caused me to spend far too long trying to see the connections between Grouse and sheets of balsa

Just as in the case of his Sloice - tam insulsum est ut fortasse expediat !

While we’re being confused Andrew, your StarLocAdhesives link seems to suggest thinning 10 grams of Epoxy with 90 grams of Acetone, whereas the West link I sent you suggests only 5% Acetone. Surely the StarLocAdhesives mix can’t be right.





Thats all well and good. But why was he talking about it in the first place ?



I think a poll would show that I am not the only one that learned something today. There must be someone else out there still learning, but the average age of this group probably makes that impossible.

I think it’s called a non-fatal guru meditation. This means it comes in green and yellow - which seems to fit.

Keep off the red meditations Amigo.:graduate:

Mark - there is a pint (imperial) on its way to you in a plain brown sieve

You all have nice neat orderly minds, don’t you? Its a source of constant envy to me.

The good news is that I only say a millionth of what I think, and only write down a billionth (thats a proper billionth: 10 to the minus 12) of it.

(to digress (a phrase that I may have used before) - I came across an American helpfully telling someone how to establish weight in a simple and fundamental way advocating using a pint of water and quoting “a pints a pound the world around”. Er; no)

Firstfooty has the right advice - nod sagely and ignore the 90% persiflage I produce - the only key is to be able to identify the nuggets.

parteriunt montes; nascitur rudiculus footy