NZL Fleet Report

[:-splat] It`s all good news[:-shades]
Our little fleet here in Wellington has been increased with the addition of a new Class II craft built by my friend Paul Dodge. I have included a link to photos on my site.
The complete LS was build in one week, Great effort. I will keep you posted.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Tell Paul his landyacht looks like he’s off to a great start, especially for getting it done in one week. [:D][:D][:D]

Speaking of fleets, have you guys tried to do any racing yet? If so, what sort of format/rules are you using?


ps; The DN Worlds iceboating champioship is being held here starting tomorrow. There will be 120 sailors from 8 countries.Check out for frequent updates & probably alot of cool pictures. I think I’ll take one of my models over for some demonstrations in the hopes of creating a bit of interest in the larger ice sailing community

[:-banghead][:-banghead] man i really need to get my yacht built!!

nice job there for a first build!!

[:-clown]Hello Stephen and welcome to this forum. Yes you will have to pull finger now and get your LS finished. After my DRONGO effort described in another thread I have dissasembled my Mark III machine and am proceeding with the construction of Mark IV.[:-cold]
This one will be a proper craft rather than the mickey mouse experimental unit which was used to teach myself a whole bunch of stuff. [:-eyebrows]
I still have some bits and pieces to give you which may be of some help. I will phone you and arrange to meet up.[:-gnasher]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

ok, i started today!! im using 65mm PVC pipe that i found in dads garage, hope he doesnt mind! [^]… any tips on how to mount my mast? and where? i have a c rig for a IOM… i have mounted the 2 servos so far. Ian some of that aluminium for the wheel brackets! mabey i could get it when simone is over?

Just curious.[:-bigeyes][:-bigeyes] Is anything happening with landyachts in Wellington?

nothing much with mine, i got the aluminium and went to mount the rear plank to the PVC but it didnt work. i tryed bolting on a piece of sail batten and the pvc just bent under pressure. and bending the aluminium is harder then i thought but i have found a tool at the school workshop today that might be able to use, i will get onto that when i have finished my last project from school.

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