NZL 32 (black magic) plan

hi everybody

I search the NZL 32 (black magic) plan (and NZL 60),If someone have this ?

Vince ( France)

ps: sorry for my english

rien de plus facile ! nothing more easy !
Voir RC Marine n° 61 de 1996 ( rue, du Chateau -Tilly 73310 St Fargeau - tel 33- 0160658020) reporte l’article et vends le Plan
RCMarine Magazine in France sell the plans.

Merci Claudio !!!
c’est un plan de coque complete( avec emplacement quille et safran) ou juste 1/2 coque

Thank you Claudio!!!
it is a plan of complete hull (with site skittle and rudder) or right 1/2 hull

Is a complete plan. on 3 foils ref. n° 30
Plan complet sur 3 planches ref. n° 30
Good for 1/10 and 1/20 scale
This is all what I have for the NZL 60 :

Depuis mes archives / from my archives - 2 model’s magazines treating NZL 32 :


I would wonder how all the running backstays are handled on a model - even at 1:10 scale - when tacking or gybing?

Hi Dick,
it is a very complicated matter, severals servos are needed.
Actually, I’m working on a vintage model, a 15mtJI, I decided to cross-control the back-stay with the jib servos, one per bord, using different drum’s diameters.
In others words, when the port servo is pulling the port jibs haliards is at the same time relaxing the starbord back-stay and viceversa.
I’m not sure that this is all clear , I’m sorry probably a drawing may help !
The system is not constructed yet, but hope it will work… otherwise extra servos and extra channels…

Claudio -

I understand that idea. Great - I hadn’t thought of that method. Hope to hear it works. Thanks for your thoughts.



here a sketch just made, I’m not sure I did all correctly. Differents travels are obtained with different drum diameters, not rappresented here as well the Boom and Rudder servos .
In my case is matter of running backstays and 3 jibs.


Claudio (and others),

Is there an opinion as to which of the plans above - “Bateau Modele” or “RC Marine” are a more accurate representation of NZL 32 Black Magic?



Sorry Bob I just discovered your message.
I have no idea about NZL32 an NZL 60 as RC models wich is better.

Thanks for your reply, Claudio. I was actually trying to determine which model of NZL-32, the one by “Bateau Modele” or the one by “RC Marine,” was better. My e-mail to “RC Marine” bounced back, so I purchased the plans from “Bateau Modele.”