NZ Postal Classic Heat in NE Florida

We will be organizing an informal heat of the NZ Postal Classic on April 22nd at the home pond of the SDRCMYC in South Daytona, in NE Florida. While details are not yet complete we plan to race the standard internet course, with individual timed heats for each boat entered. All Footy’s are welcome, results for boats that comply with the Footy Class box rule will be posted and e-mailed to NZ. Tentative start time is 10am. For further information contact Paul Taylor

Well, there appears to be at least 2 Footy Class sailors in Florida; I’m planning on making the (short) trek to South Daytona for the race.

The club course at South Daytona has always been a good facility, and I understand there has been some changes since I was there last - no doubt improvements. I’m planning on being there with “The Murph” (a long story about the boat name…) and Paul promised a doughnut at 10AM arrival.

Be there ! :cool:

There are six registered Footy owners in Florida…

Question for the group…do you think it would be OK with you if we send out race notifications to your emails?? I don’t want to violate privacy, but since people registered, it would be nice to encourage them to attend a local event.

If OK, I can give Paul the list for FL, also lists for NC, WI, etc.

Bill H

I vote NO! If you have an event thread, or an event page on the web site, then interested people can go and find out about your event. Unsolicited email is SPAM and extremely unwelcome in my mailbox.


I think Yes to e-mail notifications like this. If you have gone to the trouble (or actually reached the interest level) to build and register a Footy, then you obviously have at least a little interest in sailing with and/or competing against your fellow Footy Class mates.

I thought I was following the class well, and that I was essentially alone in Florida as a registered sailor. I stumbled over Paul’s post by accident while looking for something totally unrelated. I would have welcomed a message from Bill (or AMYA) about the planned event. I was almost to the point of planning a trip to NC or Atlanta on the 22nd.

I guess organization and planning is the key. As we go forward, race planners and directors, fleet captains, etc. will be posting NOR’s regularly on as well as and other boards so we can do routine research and find out what is going on. In the meantime, if Bill has the resources to send out directed mailings to self-selected groups (the afore-mentioned registered sailors) then I for one would welcome the information. Thanks for the offer, Bill.

I have no problem being sent ‘notice of race’ to my e-mail. if you decide it’s appropriate to give me the Florida Footy’s e-mails I’ll be happy to contact them. I also plan to post info on the Yahoo page shortly.As far as the Daytona event goes, we had a discussion at the pond yesterday and there is lots of interest. We have 6 or 7 Footy’s around Daytona Beach plus Bruce in Jax. My intent was to keep the 22nd informal so no notice of race as such. My rationale is let’s get as many people on the water as possible and not scare away the new sailors by making it seem too serious. I will bring coffee, donuts and an internet course, a measurement box, camera and timing device will be on hand. Times for legal, registered boats will be sent to Brett in NZ. Paul

I have been sailing a Victoria in our local club and started with building a Footy. I also sent in form and $ for registration for my boat. If I can get her up and running by April 22 I will like to race. :zbeer:

As for email about the event, I guess I wouldn’t mind one one or two, but don’t want to start getting on everybody’s list and get bunches and spams.


Dave, souns good I hope to see you on April 22nd. Send me an e-mai and I will give you directions and the latest information. Paul

We are counting down the days to the NZ Postal Classic heat here in warm and sunny South Daytona. 10am at the Club Pond on S. Nova Rd. I hope Dave and Jaxsail and other Florida Footy’s will be able to make it here to join our local group of Footy sailors. If anyone needs directions to the pond for sundays entertainment visit the SDMYC’s excellent club website at : We could be at either the north or south end of the pond depending on wind direction. See you there, Paul .