NZ Postal classic..extend time??

Have your say in the next 24hours.
Seems that many events didnt go as well as planned.
Many choose only to sail only(or where forced to by weather) near the end of the racing period making it differcult to get good results if things didn’t go well on the day.

The event could be extended to the end of May.

I curently only have results from a few people and they only sailed one heat each as well.An extenstion the time will allow all those affected to have another go.
Of course the weather will be improving for many of you as well.

Have your say and quickly.decesion made this time tommorrow and posted here.

I have no bias either way…I will decide on what I read here and any other communications I receive…

yes, i would like another go. i basically was learning how to sail, when i did my laps. if not, i can wait til next season. i’ll spend this season practicing sailing.:lol:

I still think it best to finish the event as originally planned. I have my times and times from from 2 others that completed 5 heats. If you want entries of fewer than 5 heats I can sent 2 additional entries. There’s a good chance that I will get a few more laps in on Sat. The others in my club will probably be too busy sailing EC12s preparing for their regatta next month.

How about closing this event but opening another? I’ll tally scores for entries sailed from 1 April - 30 June. Maybe I’ll call it the International Dateline Adjustment Regatta.

Either way, I’ll support the majority decision.



i would definetly vote for that!:smiley:

Sorry. I’m dead against extending the existing event. This is a new class and it can very easily acquire some pernicious vices. What everyone in the extend camp (with the possible and partial exception of some people in North America) is really saying is ‘Ididn’t read the sailing instructions. I didn’t finish my boat in time. When it was finished I didn’t sail it much. On the day I had been pinning all my hopes on, it broke because it wasn’t made very well.When it broke, I didn’t have the right spares. But, Mummy, Mummy, I want that nice prize - I really do. Please Mummy, let me win.’

By all manner of means start a new competition on Monday - but let the bitter lessons of this one remain as bitter lessons - otherwise they will never be learned.

I think we should leave the results stand as they are but having said that we should definitley schedule another event after people get used to their boats and make the necessary changes from what they learned on Apr22. Wind and conditions will always be a factor—my $.02 worth. Bill.

i find myself agreeing with angus [i know it makes him feel old] and with boatguy, it may be in the interest of the class to end the current event as planned, but within the next 2 weeks/month start a “summer series” if you will. this will give those not as prepared as they would like time to get those boats in shape. it will seperate us from the current event, and will also hopefully help light a fire under the footy population as a whole to get out there and get racing! when you think about it, what would we say if they decided that nobody was ready for the Americas Cup, and so they were gonna have a do-over?:rolleyes:

Things remain as they are.The Postal race ends at the end of April as planned.

NO extension to the racing period.

I look forward to all the results in my inbox in the next few days.

I think Brett is to be congratulated on the first postal race. I did not run as my Footy is not yet completed, but I did attend the Toronto race and had a very good time. Could these events maybe run quarterly (we stand a chance of having soft water for at least two events)?


I’m with Angus, start a new event, You could make it month on month challenge or every two months or three if you insist. The concept is excellent we just need to get our backsides into gear and compete. Most of us are on a learning curve either sailing or building or even both and it will take time to settle in. In my own case I’m used to competing with model racing yachts at all levels so sailing is not the issue with me my problem has been trying to simplify the approach to the build and to make it work effectively at a small scale. Once I’ve got how to post pictures on here I’ll drop some on and you can provide me with some feedback. I’d be interested to see how you guys have tackled your boats to see if I can improve mine.