Numerical Postings---Another Modest Proposal

Many of you might remember the old story about the prisoners who had been locked up together so long that they numbered the jokes they had been telling each other in order to save time.

In another effort to respond to the problems on this website I think the same simple principle could be applied here.

Let me explain how it would work:

The number “1” would substitute for:“There is nothing more fun than sailing an r/c boat with a spinnaker.”

The number “2” would mean: “A full size boat was just launched with a canting keel.”

Number “3”:“Foils, foils, foils”.

Number “4”: “Nothing you do will stop the inevitable rise of new technology”.

Number “5” "The “microaeromothspinnakerformula100” will be the fastest r/c boat ever.

Number “6” “I am proposing another new class”.

This number system could also be used for responses to posts such as:

Number “10”: “You’ve been saying the same things over and over and over again for at least five years now.”

Number "11 “Disagree with me? You ignorant slut from the last century, you aren’t after me you hate new technology.”

Number “13”: “No, actually its you.”

This system can be put in place immediately. We all just simply have to agree on the code and abide by the rules. By implementing it think of the space time and effort that can be saved.


10 , 13 lol
you nailed it on the head again

:slight_smile: I need a number that represents the entertainment value I get from this site.

Number “14” - “You guys are all nuts, but I sure do enjoy reading this stuff each day!”

I suppose we also need one for my lame old mantra:

Number “15” - “Leave XXXX alone, you can skip over the posts you don’t want to read.”


Need to add a name before using the number so people know to whom it is directed?

Dick, Dick, Dick…it doesn’t matter to whom it’s directed… :slight_smile:

Number 16 - full-keel displacement boats RULE!!! (That’s mine, of course. Just ignore me when I’m sailing Stars and Lasers)

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

hmmmmmmm now let see do i use 10 or 23 here, and who do i directed it?
okay i we say (a) that means doug
if we say (b) that means dic)
if we say © does that meen pres BUSH?
if we say (d) that meens me (cougar)
i think a 3, d6 , c11.
lol i think that about covers it