Noux 2 Build

Hi guys,

I have just started building a balsa plank Noux 2 - my first large boat (all footys before this). So far I have planked the hull, and started fairing. Quite pleased with the results so far - just a few low spots left to fill then i’m onto the glassing.

Im just after a quick bit of advice for the resin here - how much would i be looking at using? I was going to go West System, 105/206 but that is only available in +1kg packs. Would the JuniorPack (600g) be sufficient? Also, that is only available with 205 hardener. Do you envisage the faster cure rate with this being a problem?

Finally, on the glass - reading the various posts there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency regarding glass weight - i have read people using 3/4oz up to 2 or 3 oz cloth. Im thinking ~1oz on my 3mm planked hull. Do we reckon that will be plenty strong enough?


The junior pack is more than enough resin to do a hull. You will use between 100 to 200 grams. While using the 205 will work, I prefer the longer pot life and work time of the 206. For strength, I would cover the hull in two layers of 3/4 or 1 oz cloth. Plus the inside of the hull needs to be sealed too. This leads to a heavy hull (say 450 to 500 gms). What I prefer is to glass the hull, then use that as a male plug and pull off an all glass hull to finish for racing. The glass hull can come in under 200 gms. I use 2 layers of 4 oz and a top layer of 1 oz (all laid on wet and the lighter outer layer has less weave to fill for a smooth finish) The all glass hull is stronger, and will not absorb water.


Thanks for the info, i think at this stage i will stick with a balsa hull, then if I catch the bug I will consider making another hull and draw a hull from that in glass.

On an aside, does anyone in the UK have any experience with the Epoxy supplied by these guys;