Notice of Race: Landyacht Regatta

The North American division of IRCSSA ( is calling on the
2nd Annual Fall Regatta in Rockford, Illinois, USA, the weekend of October 8-9. The location is a largely vacant shopping mall offering acres of smooth flat blacktop. Permission to use the site has been granted by management. Further information as to exact times & format will be forthcoming.

Commited contestants are coming from as far away as Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin & we hope a few others can make it, if nothing else than to try their thumbs sailing these things. They are alot of fun!! We’ll have several extra boats on hand.

Directions to the Machesney Park Mall are as follows:

BTW, Machesney Park is a separate municipality on the north side of Rockford, located on Hwy 251 (N 2nd Street) which is the ‘‘business’’ loop off US hwy 51.

Here’s the mall itself (the big oval);,-89.055691&spn=0.019284,0.037753&hl=en

here’s the satelite image. We’ll likely be on the south or west side, depending on wind conditions;,-89.055691&spn=0.004821,0.009438&t=k&hl=en

Here’s the "big picture’’.
We’re checking out Rock Cut State Park for camping. It looks real close:,-89.095001&spn=0.162381,0.317917&z=6&hl=en

Bill K
NA vp

Isthat what the astronauts keep pointing out? “I can see the mall from here!” :smile_lol

Are there any details about the regatta, like the course?