Northeast Florida

Okay, I’ve found a bunch of Soling One meter clubs in Florida, but the closest one is easily an hour-and-a-half drive.

I’ve just finished my S1M “Pretty Pat”, and I was hoping to find somebody in Jacksonville who sails something other than an EC12.

If anyone is interested in starting up a regular group (or even an AMYA chapter) to sail Solings and/or US 1 meters in J’ville, I’d be interested. I am also building a US1M “Magic”, and hope to have it in the water soon.

I understand there is a pond in a city park on Hood Rd, South which hosts regular meets of a scale electric club, but I have not been there yet and do not honestly know if there is sufficient depth for Solings much less US1M’s…

Contact could be on this forum, or on the “solingonemeter” group on Yahoo, or by my email <>