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I spotted this on my travels in cyberworld and thought it may be of interest to some here. :sly:

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As we have so many people at North Sails with models we have decided to have a Model yacht regatta.
The date is Thursday the 1st of october at westhaven at around 4:30pm.
Any model yacht is allowed, there will be divisions for windwarriors and NS open 600s but any other fleet of more than 5 boats will get a division as well as an open ‘free for all’ div where anything goes.
Norths will be giving out some prizes and there will be a sausage sizzle going on too.
The aim is to have a good fun day and dust the cobwebs off all the models that are gathering dust in a corner somewhere.
Everyone is welcome, entry is free.
NOR is attached.

The NS 600 class is a open box rule class that we started about 5 years ago, in its heyday we had about 35 measured in and about 18 on the startline for the nationals. Great fun little class, I will copy the class rules for those too so anyone can build a boat with in the class rules.
I will have mine out for sure and its roumored that Grunta will have the ‘Stacey Jones’ (the little warrior) out as well. No doubt there will be a few 600s on the startline.

I might even get the trimaran going for a little display of how not to sail a RC multihull!

Northsails 600 model yacht class rules
This is an ‘open’ box rule.
The Box is 600mm long x 1050mm high, the boat has to fit
thru the box with the waterline parallel to the 600mm edge.
The only other rule is, it can only have one hull.
As many movable appendages as you want.
Any materials.
Any sail configuration.
National champs will be held later in the year
Josh Tucker will be the class measurer.

Sounds like great event Ian, possible to post some pics later for those of use unable to get there ? … Cheers Alan

Hi Alan,
I was curious me to and I found that :

and observing the sail’s logos, it appears that this class may be sponsored by N/S.

I would like to knows more about since N/S is close to my home and they supply to me some products.


Hi Claudio, As Ian highlighted in his opening post their staff established this NS 600 class & if I’m not wrong Ian is involved/works with N/S, is that right Ian ? if so he would be able to help you to know more about N/S than I can … great company !!

I am very interested in the mast/boom arrangement saw on this NS 600 pic, appears the boom is in fixed position to mast with swivelling mast and that the bracket from mast to the boom acts is upside down Vang, meaning you can bring the main closer to the deck, like this boat has with the Jib too providing very wind efficient set-up.

Cheers Alan

Thanks Ian for heads up, I heard a rumour a few weeks ago about this meet and thought I may have missed it.

Just around the corner from home so I will see if I can get my ETNZ’s finished and take em down.



No, sorry Alan, I have no connection with North Sails. I am now a retired audio engineer and an ex musician.:ihat:

I will see if I can get one of the fellows involved with this class over here on this forum to give us all some background and details of these craft.
They certainly look like advanced racers and very much unrestricted in their concept. :rasta:
Dont hold your breath, "it wont happen overnight but it will happen", (to quote our Rachael ) :witch:
Cheers, Ian.

Hi, all,
I wrote a report on the NS 600 class for a German magazine some years ago. During the work I had contact to Grant McKinnon from Auckland who provided all the details and the pictures. Maybe the document is helpful for you although written in German (unfortunately I cannot find the English translation anymore)

btw. this ( is an old thread which was the reason for my article …

I was one of the founders of the class along with a bunch of mates from work. It all started as a bit of fun and got pretty competitive in the end.
To be completely honest a majority of the boats were complete piles of shite but there were a few glamors amongst them all. Each boat had a different condition that suited it.
Some of them struggled to even get around the track let alone win a race!
Many of the guys built 2 or 3 boats (including me) and each time they progressed to be much faster. Reliability seemed to be the key as they were all home build with the smallest possible budgets and not much experience in model yacht building.
It was a very amateur class and was probably talked up a fair bit. There were some very interesting concepts like the overlapping code zeros and canting keels but they all proved to be un reliable and although sometimes had their day struggled to put up a consistent enough performance to win any series. I remember seeing one boat with an complex system of movable ballast, capsize completely in the middle of the pond and the owner have to swim out to rescue it, there was always some clown with a new idea giving it a go and that’s what made it so fun.
My boat was standard and similar to Gruntas, I won the nationals but only cos he didn’t make the second day of racing! His boat was pretty damn quick and very fine tuned with the different sail combos. He is also a semi pro at sailing RC boats and proved that we he trashed me twice in a row using my boat while I was using his!

The class slowly died out but there was always a few who brought the boats out for a play now and again and there are still a lot of boats out there and a whole bunch under construction. We decided to have a regatta just to bring them out of retirement.
I for one have been sailing my boat consistently for the past few years just as a toy but I know its well de-tuned and needs some tuning up. My focus went on the next class that we started – 800mm multihulls, we only got about 7 of them but that was good fun to!

Cant wait to line up again.

Josh Tucker

I am so used to seeing ‘knife-like’, high aspect keel fins that this was a surprise to me. Is it stubby for less surface area or something less technical like a shallow pond (bay)?

Beautiful yacht.

and… is this a ‘deflector’ or just an elliptical shaped boom? Pls describe BooBoo, somebody.


1 -the NS600 is build according to a simple box rule. That means the overall hight ist limited. So you can use either a long keel and a short mast or vice versa. Or you will end up with some compromise
2 - As far as I can remember it is simply an eliptically shaped boom

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