NOR - New England version of NZ Postal Race

It’s snowing again here in New Hampshire today, but the ice is out in Massachusetts!

Jim Linville and the Minuteman club have graciously agreed to host a Footy race on Saturday, April 12.

We will have two competitions going simultaneously.

First is the opportunity to participate in the timed laps around a 50 foot course for the Intergalactic Footy Internet competition, hosted again by our friend Brett McCormack in New Zealand. The deadline for entries is April 30, so this may be the first and last chance to get some good times. Details are here on the forum.

Second, while some boats are doing time trials, the rest will be fleet racing. During time trials, the fleet racing will not be scored, but it will be a great chance to see how that secret weapon you built this winter will do against the rest of the fleet. Time permitting, we’ll do some scored racing, too.

I know that Jim will have his American Footy, Scott will have either his AF or Cobra, I’ll have Cobra Mk3, and Allan will have his new Razor2.

The race will be in Needham Mass, so all you New England Footy guys have no excuse not to be there. Brian and Paul, who knows when Lily Pond will open, so get down to Needham. Al, it’s a stone’s throw from your pond. Barrett, just a quick drive north. There’s no more central location than this for everyone. I know Jim sent the details in their newsletter, so get busy! Prepare your boat, tell the boss you have impotant stuff to do, and get to Needham. Connecticut Footy skippers, get up there! It’s time we see you in a race! New Maine Footy guys, come on down! Let’s make this a fun Footy day for all of New England.

Here’s some details:

The 2nd Annual New Zealand Postal Classic for Footy Class yachts will be held on Saturday, April 12 at the Needham Reservoir. Skippers meeting at 11 a.m. Class Secretary, Bill Hagerup, of the Laconia MYC will be the Race Director. While it’s not required, we respectfully request that anyone who is planning to attend pre-register with Jim Linville. You can do this by snail mailing the form in the newsletter, or calling or e-mailing the same info to Jim at <> or (781) 925-0045.

Please give Jim a call, as we’d like to know what turnout to expect. And one more thing…dress warm!!

See you there…Bill

Paul and I plan on being there. I will pre-register with Jim.
Hope to see everyone there.


I’m on it Bill!

it looks like i will be in Mass anyway that weekend, and i think i have three footys in sailable condition (the winter fixits descended several weeks ago…) I also may bring some other skippers along as well. So, if all goes according to plan, there will be a Team SMM presence in the area!

Jeez, I’m glad “somebody” thought of this, it’s a great central location, with what is typically flat water even in a breeze. Let’s just hope for some nice weather and a good turnout.

Rumor is the fleet should include at least one funky overbuilt version of the “Hoyt Balanced Rig”.

I’ll be in attendance, for my first contest ever, so those worried about coming in last place, you’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!


Well, considering Bill lost a boat last year, and there will be a handful of boats hitting the water for the first time…last might still be up for grabs. But it should be fun.

That you, John?

Can’t give you credit for the location idea unless you come clean and identify yourself :smiley:

I figured everyone forgot about my embarassing sinking incident by now…figures somebody would bring it up :devil3:

What hull are you putting the Hoyt rig on?

Sounds like we should get a good turnout and have some fun racing…hoping for decent weather…good weather would be too much to ask this early in the season.


Yup…that would be me. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as sinking goes, that’s stuff of New Zealand Postal “lore”. Okay, it’s no Sabino incident. (US1M vs Tour Boat in the channel at Mystic.)

If all goes well, I should have the “odd” rig on a wooden Bob-About like boat. Probably not the right boat for the rig, but whatever. I should also have the glass PipSqueak, and carbon “Wide” (American Footy like) Hagerup design all sailing. We’ll see if any float, or become this year’s offerings to the Pond gods.


Funny story. Bill has been mentoring me in Footydom and I was in his basement discussing the relative merits of some foam in the bow to act as emergency flotation in the case that something catastrophic happens, and he assured me that it’s mostly an unnecessary precaution. So I asked him if he ever lost a footy, to which he replied, ‘Just one’. That was good enough for me!

I guess it all depends who’s watching when you lose ‘just one’. :smiley:

FYI, in addition to being a rank beginner, I’m also going to be piloting a new boat, built by me, a new boat builder. Anyone remember the game show ‘Press Your Luck’? “No whammies, big money, no whammies…!”

What exactly is the “Hoyt Rig”? I must have missed it somehow. Does anyone have a Forum reference to it, or a diagram to post?
Razor 08 CAN this link was in an earlier message.
I don’t want to hijack this thread, so I won’t get into it here.

Hey, Guys… I need your frequencies to properly pre-register you for the NE version of the NZL Postal. Not required, but it would be nice. --Jim Linville

For everyone’s info…

To date (4/3) 14 skippers have either signed up or indicated strong interest in sailing for/in the New England version of the NZL Postal.

It looks like fun…


Jim Linville (American Footy #42)

I’m on 2.4 Ghz Spektrum - so I will not be causing any frequency troubles. (It’s the only TX I have that’s surface-legal)

Allan Wright - Sail # 331

Byron McKitrick Sail # 162 feq #89 Sail # 149 feq # 84
Paul McKitrick Sail # 148 feq #64

Fourteen is good…but let’s make it twenty-four!

I know there’s enough registered Footys in the region to do that. Many of you have never sailed in a competition before, but don’t let that stop you from participating!

This event will be an ideal first competition, because it offers two venues. The NZ Postal part is time trials around a measured course…so you don’t need to worry about those pesky racing rules! The other opportunity is to do some non-scored fleet racing which is a great learning experience.

We’re all there to have fun, get our boats in shape for the season, see the latest builds emerge from basements, and help each other.

So shake off the cabin fever and come on out!!


Thanks, Guys. No conflicts yet. --Jim