NOR for Rio Grande Cup for RG65, Oct. 26-27 2013

Hi Skippers,

We have posted the Notice of Race (NOR) for the 2013 Rio Grande Cup
for RG65, October 26-27 2013

The PDF file is designed as a form you can fill out, save, and print
if you have a fairly recent version of your pdf viewer. I have tried
to attach a copy to this posting. We’ll see if it works. . .

Clear winds and good sailing,

Peter E.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Duke City Model Yacht Club (

Thanks Pete!

I am looking forward to it - you guys always throw a great event.


Thanks Eric, we look forward to seeing you in October, and I hope you
can bring more folks with you!

Peter E.

There could easily be four from Dallas, perhaps more. I will let you know what I hear.