NOR: 3rd Annual Cherry Blossom Open (Northern Virginia)

The Northern Virginia Model Yacht Club will hosting the third annual Cherry Blossom Open, for the Soling 1M, on Sunday, 3 April 2011. This AMYA Green Chevron event will be sailed on Lake Anne, in Reston Virginia. The NOR, SI, and Registration form can be found on our club website at: (

The regatta is being held in conjunction with the National Cherry Blossom festival, March 26 through April 10 ( This is a great time to visit the Nation’s Capital.

We look forward to seeing you pond side.

Scott Allen
Commodore, NVMYC

Hi Scott,

It really helps if you include in a regatta announcement the class of yachts it is for.

Thank you for catching that. I took the post that I made to the Soling Yahoo Group and pasted it here; I did not need to list the class in that forum. Anyway, this regatta is for the Soling 1-meter class.


scott is an over worked underpaid Commodore. We’ll be sure to flog him properly at our next meeting. If the water was softer, we’d consider keel hulling…

Hey Marc,

I think that a less drastic rebuke, if any at all, would be in order. As you say, all of us who have been involved in organizing our fellow members in club activities know that we open ourselves more for criticism than thanks. Scott’s only fault was not proofing the announcement posted on a general thread.

I’m not exactly sure how you would keel-haul someone with a Soling 1 meter, rub the hull up and down his back? He might actually enjoy that, you can drop a pretty penny in a spa for that kind of treatment.

I’m the treasuer, so I’m guilty of with holding his pay…No rum this week…

Well I have an ec12. that migh be a bit more painful…or we could keel hull him uner the floating dock…but we have fresh water so no barnacles…

I forsee a lot of over early calls in Marc’s future :slight_smile: Besides, with no pay I will have to contunue using my old boats, which don’t mind sharing paint with others when I call for ROW when on on a port tack :0

no worries scott… but to hit me, thats means you’d have to CATCH me…

I think that is a challenge to all would be participants in the Cherry Blossom – come one and all to try and catch Marc! (need to bring this thread back on topic :))

now that’s youve said that. I’m garanteed to finish in last place…