noob Soling 1 Meter Va Beach VA.

Hi everybody I just bought a soling 1 meter and admit I am a little overwhelmed but I will get it. I am looking forward to just sailing the boat around I may race later. I am building it so it meets the rules for the class if I do decide to race it later on. I have also bought a couple of scale kits for general fun on the lake. I would love to meet up with some people who are familiar with building the boat if you are in the area. Thanks happy sailing.


I know ist a long way but we have a pretty active group up in DC, there is a club in richmond, and I think there are a few sailors in Williamsburg

thanks I have e-mailed them but no response so far. Maybe I can get my friends in my scale club to start racing might help bring in members.

Jim watwood is the contact in richmond…

His e-mail isnt working but thanks for looking it up for me

he lurks on our local yahoo group I’ll give him a shout