Noob questions, please be kind ;)

Hi guys, Just discovered footys and am well interested (already doodling a hull) but am having some issues with rules!

I have found the rule set on footy site but they make little reference to rigs, trolling though the forum I note there are some restictions regarding ‘B’ rig, can someone please direct me to a complete set of rules? Or have I just been dense and missed them, if so feel free to tell me!

On another tack, I am right in assuming multiple servos on a singe channel are OK? I’m thinking more of load reduction more than anything else.

Is a keel trim tab out of the question? Operated by radio, ganged to one of the exisiting channels?

Is a pendulum out of the question? I am aware of mobile ballast rules (not to be) but as a pendulum would actually offer decrease stability (mass moving wrong way to gain righting motment) and be of limited weight is it allowable?

Sorry once again for a lot of questions, if they have been answered then even more so.

Cheers and fair winds, John.E

B1 - No restrictions on rigs other than they must move above the Rule Box.
C1 - Only two radio channels allowed. What you do with them is up to you. No restriction on batteries.
E2 - No “movable hull appendages”, so no trim tabs.
C3 - No “movable ballast”, so no pendulums. A light weight to balance a rig is ok.

Over riding principle in open rules is - “not specifically restricted or prohibited, is permitted”.

Hi Rusty,

Thanks for the rapid reply, looks like I missed some obvious stuff in my haste (typical of me).

Looks like I need to get busy and build a boat or two and take it from there :slight_smile:

Fair winds and blues skys, John.E