Non-Racing Ideas

I don’t want to corrupt the thread further with off-topic posts, so thought I would open this up so we can share ideas for what might work that “ISN’T” racing related.

Following that thought, here is a brief post showing what one local club does each year. These happened to be instructions and they already have a schedule set up for 2006. Covers ALL scale boats - electric, steam, and sail. Unfortunately, gas isn’t allowed in any city park ponds in Minneapolis, so this is usually a “quiet” event, that has full city sponsorship and support.

Edina Model Yacht Club - Parade of Boats
Our 15th annual Parade of Model Boats will be held on Sunday, June 11th. The show will start off with the setup process beginning at 9:00 AM leading to an “opening” of the doors to the general public at 11:00 AM. The show will then continue on a set schedule until its conclusion at 4:00 PM. All of the details concerning this event can be read in the June edition of our newsletter.
It’s hard to believe that this is already our 15th show, but time passes quickly and this event has become deeply rooted in EMYC tradition. Since we have developed a pattern of mild success with the event, we will try to follow the basic premise of the show-gather and interact with fellow club members, introduce our hobby-related interests to the public, and display and run boats during the day. It’s a simple formula that many have come to look forward to each year. As always, input from any club member is welcomed and new ideas are generally good ones so feel free to voice them.
We are hoping to have 150 to 200 boats on display and with cooperative weather, we’ll run a schedule that will allow for a high turnout of on-water demonstrations. As usual, please keep in mind that with a forecast of marginal weather or the look of stormy skies, the show still continues as an indoor display until the weather improves (it’s tough to accurately predict things much more than a day in advance).
The Parade show is planned for the second Sunday of June each year. For those of you with long-term schedule books the show will be held next year on Sunday June 10th, 2007 and the following year Sunday June 8th, 2008. We need to set this up with Stacie in event planning well in advance to insure that our slot is reserved. The Centrum building is very popular for weddings, gatherings, business meetings, etc. and a quick look at the June 2006 schedule showed a full table of events. Planning at the last minute would leave us with few options and this is why we provision two years in advance. Again, the city has graciously provided us with the facility and the resources to make this show a success. Without them it would not be quite the same. Tom and his entire crew go all out for us consistently each year.
The show is also a defining point in time during the year. That is, it has given us a target date to complete projects from the long winter months. We have seen the push by many to complete their model boats by the Parade show date. Sometimes deadlines can be good. The Dave Bros Builder’s table always allows for partially completed models to be displayed so don’t leave interesting unfinished projects at home.
We look forward to having a good membership turnout on Sunday June 11th. This is the best attended event of the season. The key to success is for the event to be enjoyable and rewarding to everyone; so when you participate in the show, make sure you display, run, and assist in a way that is productive and comfortable for you. Some do a lot and some do not as much but everyone is welcome to participate at whatever level you desire. Keep it simple and keep it fun. This is what we will strive for again. This should be another great year for a Parade of Model Boats. See you there.

Perhaps this will give others ideas for similar local events that might cause interest for non-racers. I would invite others to post information on what type of events they are familiar with in the hopes of providing activities for people who have little racing interest, for those who enjoy building over racing, and for those who have purchased “plastic kit boats” and are sailing alone. Just one way a local group can make a difference.