non footy thread-had a proper blast thogh

a frend has just picked up this mini land yacht basicaly whats in his link

we tock it down the local beach today and send all afternoon taring it up had soo mutch fun im going to try and build and prodce a few hopfuly

have got a few vids but need to upload and edit

sory for this random post but i still have a big grin across my face as it was so mutch fun doing 2 wheels and 360 spins

Hi Uk,
Actually, there is an entire section devoted to landyachts under the general section of this forum, but it hasn’t seen much use lately. The locaton on the video appears to be Fort Mahon in France? The rc version of these things had a big regatta there last September:
A nice rc video can be seen at

Bill K

Here is a link to the BLOKART which is made in NZL and should be available in GBR.

Building your own may be more fun and cheaper but if you want to race in a one design class then look out for one of these.
Have a look on YouTube.

yea i have been looking a bit at them i think it wil be more just fun thing to take on surf trips.the one my frends have are the x sails it good but seams a bit over complicated a little so we wil see how it goes hiley recomend trying it if you havnt alredy:)

UKsail, you surf? nice! what do you ride?

yea got so many hobies lol

i ride a 9 4 bill stuart hydrohull

      6 6  bill stuart semi fish

      6 4 peter mell thruser

      6 0 walden  retro twin fin witch is probly my fave board picked it up in auz sooooo much fun

i’m with ya on having too may hobbies…

thats a nice quiver though!

i just started surfing this fall, i’m in the middle of shaping a 7’6" semi-gun-ish-funboard…

we’ll see how she goes :wink:

i realy want to get in to shaping myself never had the guts to give it ago ive done a bunch of moling but boards seam so messey to do lol
serfings been one of the bigest terning points in my life it totaly changes you.

I was a little worried myself when i began the project as to what i was getting myself into, but i have actually found shaping to be rather less of a chore than i expected. actually, i think building footys has helped somewhat, what with seeing symmetry in the rails etc, as for glassing it, it shouldn’t be too difficult, its basically glassing a board. lol.

i purchased a foam blank from a surf manufacturer, and that has greatly simplified the process. combine that with inexpensive fins, and a little forethought, and shaping this board is going to cost me close to $250 USD less than purchasing a pro-shaped board of the same dimensions.

Yes, the Blokart is a nicely designed small landyacht. Highly portable also. It has a very small/narrow wheelbase, but manages to stay upright because it’s unstayed flexing rig. This is similar in concept to Brett’s McRig for the Footy, in that the bendy mast is able to absorb & spill gusty air.

When I was at Ivanpah ( ) 3 years ago, a contingent of your fellow Kiwis brought a fleet of Blokarts & impressed everyone with their sailing ability.

And as long as this thread started with a video from France, here’s another one featuring
the winter version: