NObody using Sail 2000?

I still like to use mine occasionally. It’s only game on my computer. Is there any Sail 200 regattas or places to have online fun?


never heard of it,

I know the Virtual skipper series and the Stentec one

SAIL 2000 is the most accurate and realistic match racing simulator you can get. It’s got several courses, and Internet capability.

There are 5-6 of us here using VSK 3 which you can get at AMAZON.COM for about $9.00 We have been having a great deal of fun with it on Friday mornings *(our time)

SAIL 2000 was VERY popular after AC2000. Even the guys at Team DC were playing it! (for fun) There was a game server put up at and we had ourselves a few matches, made some friends. After a while, the action dwindled because of the timezone differences. I still play the computer myself.

that is probably why it stopped!! Server based!
VSK3 is player based, the players are hosting, of course you have a few official servers too…and the community is HUGE!
ISAF rules, great graphics…you cant beat it!
There’s the new VSK4 now!..a free demo is available! well of course your machine has to be “up-to-date”…RAM and the GFX min 128RAM! (for latest version, “we” play vsk3)

You want fun online…you have no choice, vsk is the answer, of course, you alone will have to chose…WE DID!

VSK rules!