No Clubs in Town

There’s no RC Sailing Clubs in Town, anyone else got the same problem?

yup, the closest club is 350 km from my place…and even if i go…only a few members with iom’s and marble’s

so i keep sailing with ducks at the moment[:D]


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Matt, If you Will tell me what town you are in I may be able to put you in touch with someone close.
nerds of the wold untie

IanHB, I’m in Timaru, South Canterbury and I have a single mast trimaran. Have already inquired at Timaru Model Engineers Club but they are mostly focused on trains.


Hi Matt,
I am in Dunedin with a similar problem,although there is a small ammount of activity here I really wish there was more racing orintated sailors here.
why dont you guys do what happend to me. this club got started because the same people showed up every weekend. and we just started to call ourselves a club. there is one in the area but they do not sail enough. once evey 2 weeks for about 1 hour after dinner. when there is no wind. start you own club. we started with just 2 members, each would bring lunch and the other would bring drinks. and then swicth ever week. it was fun and now it has grown in just a year to 6 members. we voted for a website.
good luck with you sailing