Nirvana Newby

I’m a garden railroader who’se lost his garden. I don’t have any place to put train track, but right outside my office window is this beautiful pond!

So I bought a sailboat;)

I’ve had it on the water enough to run down a set of radio batteries :smiley:

The building causes enough turbulence to make it a little tricky. To sail the length of the pond, you “change tack” several times without turning and sometimes any direction you point the boat seems to be straight into the wind.

Not being into Hinduism, I peeled off most of the “Nirvana” stickers, but haven’t decided what to replace them with.

OK, now I know who ya are Tom!:slight_smile: Welcome to the board! I hope that you enjoy your experience sailing as much as you do trains. You will find it rewarding!

Yup. I’m Torby from

Hmm. There’s water sloshing inside my Nirvana’s hull. It’s not in the radio compartment but in the hull.:confused:

hey congratualtions on getting a nirvana! Did you get the pro racing or rtr?

i just got a pro racing a little while ago, and it rocks. I know what you mean when you change tacks without turning and any way is into the wind. my pond has a bunch of trees surrounding it…

i hope you have lots of fun with that.

I think it’s the “Pro.” It didn’t have radio installed. Tower Hobbies had a combo of the blue nirvana, Futaba radio, batteries and servo parts. Since then, I got Futaba’s sail servo 'cause the little servo couldn’t haul the sail in.

I sail it a few times a week, often at lunch or after work. Seems kindof stiff breeze, so maybe I’ll just go home after work tonight.

Cold and breezy today. Sailed for a little while. Stepped in goose poop:mad:

Nice weather again so I got to sail for a while. Pond was smooth like glass. Sometimes the only ripple was from my boat.

A breezy day today. Sailed for over an hour. What fun!

Once dipped the bow into the water.

I was going to sail this afternoon, but it looks mighty breezy. Well, here goes! (This might not take long.)

The wind died down quite a bit, and I spent a couple hours sailing. A very nice afternoon. Ran down another set of batteries in the radio. That makes 2 now :wink:

My! A storm’s blowing up. I came in just in time.

You’re lucky having water so close. I’m disabled and my nearest lake’s a taxi -ride away, so I try to get a decent session. Neverthless, I’ve never got through a receiver pack (5x2,500 mAh NiMH).
There are some photo’s on
towards the bottom of the page.

Very nice, Martin.

Lucky? My x owns the house, kids and truck, and I live in a cheap motel:rolleyes:

63, sunny and a light breeze. A beautiful fall day. I’m going sailing!

Well, I think I found out about how fast she’ll go. Woa! She had her whole deck under water! Sailed for about an hour with a pretty strong breeze. A fun time.

Hmm. She’s gained a couple pounds of water sloshing in the hull. I’m pretty sure she’s not pregnant. Do I need to put in a drain hole somehow?:scared:

I better leave the hatch off in case there’s some radio in the water compartment.

It’s sunny and 70 today. I’m going sailing!

I think you’ll probably find that in those conditions she goes faster with the deck out of the water and less sail. Careering about with the boat on its ear often looks fast but isn’t.


Most kit boats don’t come with more than one suit of sails. This does mean we lose out at very low or high wind speeds, but it’s all part of the fun.

Then make some?


Make some? I always make what I can’t or don’t want to buy. 'Course, I don’t have a clue how to make a smaller set of sails.

What a beautiful day for sailing today. Thermometer says 72, but I think it’s warmer than that.

My Saphir has a home-made set. However, these are only marginally bigger than those with which it was supplied and are about the same size as an IOM “C” rig. To be honest, sailing in high winds too much for those sails isn’t much fun anyway.