Nirvana Class?

Any chance of a Nirvana Class?
At 84.99 for a kit, it would seem to be very attractive.

I am in!!! Just bought the Nirvana… re-rigged her and waiting for wind in Western Massachusetts. Looking for others in my area to sail with as well… within 50 miles of Springfield, MA.

Jon Frost
Southampton, MA

The best way to do this is to set up a place to start taking down names and AMYA membership numbers. A website is a great way to do this. You may also want to contact the Open Class secretary to see if there are any Nirvana’s in his list.

It is also a good idea to think about what you want your class to be. One design makes the most sense for a kit but one design can mean a lot of different things to different people. Are you going to be restricted to the sails that come with the kit or can you make/buy your own. Same question for other major components like spars, appendages, etc. Since it is ready-to-sail, I’m guessing that the RC gear is already installed? Does it run on regular RC channels or does it run on the “toy” channels (49 and 27 Mhz)? If it is on the “toy” channels then you would need to repleace the reciever and transmitter before you could have more than 2 boats on the water…

anyway, you can use the website as a forum to hash this out.

The key to having a successful class (this is fundamentally different than just getting class recognition) is to get some fleets out there racing. without a critical mass in any one club, you will never have a group that can host regattas. There is realy no point to having a class unless you plan to race each other, so if there are no clubs, then the class will have nothing to do.

So the idea is to get people near you to get the boat as well. Build your class from the local club level. Get others to build their local clubs and by the time you have the 20 AMYA members that you need to qualify as a class, then you would ideally have several clubs with decent size fleets to build on.

Good Luck!

  • Will

Will Gorgen

I just posted a similar question over in the newbie section. The subject is “Megatech Nirvana”. Take a look at it. Maybe you could help answer my questions. Tell me what you think of the boat. I just ordered mine online and I haven’t received it yet.