Nice video of a classic-yacht meeting

Made by my friend Robert:


Meeting of classik yachts at Lake Meinhard in Germany last weekend.



A selection of very beautiful yachts - were any of the Skerry’s your boats?

I’m guessing you’re pretty busy with the ‘full size’ Skerry, but do you have any plans for additional models in the future?



Hej Row,

the SK30 (S15), The SK22 (S1) and one of the SK15 (D5), also the Neptunkryssare was mine. We were sailing two days. It was great weather. Well, when the full size is done, I am planning to build another SK30. The “Bijou-type” from Knud Reimers, which is very popular at Lake Konstanz looks fine to me. May bi in 1 and a half year?