Nice news about rules! (I lie)

For anyone who has been daft enough to be following all the recent furore about rules, all clarifications issued by Brett per 1/1/2007 have been collected and published on the Official Footy Website ( ). I don’t think that they say anything very much that anyone didn’t already know.

And remember (please!!): these are the rules as interpreted by the technical team of the day. There’s no appeal short of changing the rule - so discuss it, but don’t complain - please, pretty please!

A Big Thanks

The parameters are now more closely defined … still curious about a couple of things, but I can now assume they haven’t been ruled.

Shame that none of the original rigs for the assymetric Blue Sky would have fit the rule.

Assuming too that foils attached to the rudder are considered apart of the rudder?


I liked very much what I saw there, Angus :graduate: