Newby in Taiwan

I am a Canadian born Kiwi, now living in the south of Taiwan. My wife (Taiwanese) and I are developing a rural property in the south of Taiwan. We have built the world’s first schoolhouse made of newspaper. Are now working on a tea house with a small kitchen attached. Attached to that is to be a woodfired pizza kiln. Sitting in the tea house, you can enjoy some grub and a beer, overlooking our wee pond. The 2000 sq metre pond has a couple small islands on it and a tidy wharf with a plastic pipe&wood raft moored to it. On nice days you can sit outside with the same view.

We operate a private English school in Ligang, a small town 10 minutes from here. We also run classes and 'Papercrete Demonstrations" at our farm. I teach the kids to build a small sailboat using milk cartons, popsicle sticks, and magazine covers. Have been on a few Taiwan TV shows with our activities.

And now, I want to ‘do’ Footy’s. I haven’t done any RC stuff before, but built string launched gliders, flown small hot air baloons, and made models. I recently bought a small 2 channel radio, with two servos and such - Futaba 2ER. Just need to source some balsa, and I am away. Downloaded heaps of photos, plans and info.

So will no doubt have some questions, so you will hear more from me.

John L