Newbie to this forum

Hi, I’m new here and would like to introduce myself. I’m a member of the North Bay RC Sailing Club, and I have a Soling 50 (GRP) and an IOM (Tempest). I am a machinist and have been machining for nearly 25 years. Other interests are astronomy, hiking, camping, and salt water aquariums. Dunno if there is anything more to know, but if there is just ask. Thanks for reading this.


Welcome to this board… we got some good poeple here… I would just ask… If you got a problem… ask… we got alot of poeple here. that are more the willing to lend a hand and offer a suggestion… if you know a solution… or another way of doing something.
speak up… you will not shouted down…
there are a few thread that you will have to hunt down…
sailmaking and mold building that are good reading

welcome and good luck

Thanks for the welcome cougar. I am having some problems with my RMG winch on the IOM, but I’ve not yet been approved to post in the general forums. The winch keeps stalling and beeping when I move the sails fully in either direction. The battery charge seems to be fine however, and a visual inspection of the winch didn’t find any problems. (ie dirt or other foreign matter in the gears)

Hey, Welcome Mark! North bay eh? I lived up there a lifetime ago, I don’t think you could walk a Kilometer without finding some good water to sail on!


Mike we usually sail at the Marin Civic Center lagoon. It’s pretty, but the wind can come out of any direction. We’ve got three fleets. IOM’s, Soling 50’s, and ODOM’s. BTW, how long does it usually take to get approved to post here? I still haven’t recieved the approval e-mail.

Looks like I’ve been approved for this site. Thanks!