Newbie second time around

Hi people
I have been away from the RC scene for sometime but am making a comeback as my kids get older. Starting off with a simple land sailer with sails around 4’ high, I have some old mylar sails hanging around. to get the kids interested and to learn how to do a sailboat. I am interested in computer control for sail trimming in conjunction with radio control systems

Hello and welcome, Hayden.

There is a thread on landyachts, but unfortunately for all of us, the prime contributor out of Madison, Wisconsin and a frequent visitor to the landyacht sailing championships on Ipava Lake (spelling?) out west passed away at an untimley age. Bill Korsgard was a big boat soft water sailor, and hardwater ice boat sailor, an r/c yacht designer/builder/sailor and was active in both big and little boats. In addition he was a keen competitor in the ODOM r/c class. All of us with interests in fast boats and solid wing technology miss him and his posts greatly.

Please do a seach for landyachts and read some great posts and information he provided.

… and Bill, if you are out there looking over the rest of us - thanks again for all the information you shared.