Newbie Questions

Hey guys, i am keen to get into this sport, it looks like fun. Currently i have only owned cars, but i have been looking at the Victoria, Kyosho Sea Dolphin 770 and the Kyosho Fortune 612. (Cheap, one design, easy to build)
Does anyone have any other recommendations? I live in New Zealand so it would have to be easily available…and cheap :slight_smile:

My other question was, what RC gear would i need?
I have a transmitter i got with my cars (Futaba Attack II) and 2 standard servos. Will this cut it? or will i need more specialised equipment?


You should contact Grant (Grunta) McKinnon and check out his Wind Warrior models and also ask about the North Sails 600 ; an open development class started by some North Sails guys in Auckland-you can build it yourself. Grunta has a boat that fits into the NS 600 class,I think.He is one of the best rc boatbuilder’s in the world not just in New Zealand and you couldn’t go wrong with one of his boats.
If your radio gear is two sticks instead of a steering wheel you can probably use it for your new boat-some guys even use the wheel but the trigger is hard to get used to for sail adjustment.
Good luck and let us know what you decide…

Doug Lord
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well just another idea.

the fortune or dolphin are nice boats…for a month or so…after you ll bored…if you plan to get a Kyosho…get a Seawind
check this for more info

there are other boats as well…
i wouldnt recommend the nirvana from megatech

if you get a seawind…meet @…same nick

have a nice day


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There are a number of r/c sailing clubs in NZ. Try the NZ Radio Sailing Site put together by Alan Hayes and find out what the group near you is sailing. It is always much more satisfying to have boats to race with then to be off by yourself.

thanks for your replies guys. i looked at the Wind Warrior yachts and they look really nice…unfortunately they are a but out of my price range. They are $850 nz…i am looking at more like $250. The victoria and the Kyosho boats fit into that. Would anyone recommend the victoria yacht? I have read good things about it (or is it just advertising)

Thanks again

…again, as Roy has suggested, look for clubs near you and visit them. See what they sail and possibly what used boats they might have to get you started into their club.
If there are no clubs around you and you just want to get out there and sail, then I would recommend the Victor Soling 1M. . I’m not trying to push this class, it’s just that for the money, I feel your getting the most boat and it will sail better then the Victoria, or any Kyosho boats. I have also found that the Soling will teach you more on just how to make these RC boats go fast by rig tuning.

As several people have mentioned, you should find out what other guys around you are sailing. Sailing is fine but most people tend to want to go to the next level after a short time of just pleasure sailing. Racing is what we all find fun.

You might also want to inclide the Fairwind in your list. There are several Fairwind sailors in NZ. Check out the international registry on the bottom of this page: . I think there are 3 or 4 registered bats from NZ. Word has it that there are quite a few of these boats sailing around down there other than those listed on the registry. You may want to contact those guys to get more details on when and where they sail.

As for equipment, the only piece of radio gear you will need in addition to what you have is a sail servo (for almost any of the boats you are considering). A standard servo is fine for the rudder control, but for the sail control you will need a sail servo. Your radio and reciever should be fine as well.

Will Gorgen

thanks guys. That Soling 1 Metre looks interesting.
I had planned on this being a purely recreational boat, but i will try to get in touch with some guys from the Hamilton Club and see what they sail.

I know from past experience with my cars that i dont like to buy second hand. I enjoy building things myself, but building a yacht is a little more daunting than putting a car together. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.

Hey Big T,
maybe a “Footy” of Fun430 might fit the bill.
check me out at

Hello BigT-NZ

I played fortune 612 two month months ago with my cousin’s seawind. I know that seawind is better but if u really love in rc sailing u can modified her just like me. Now I can play with seawind in strong wind.I can show u my picture that show all that I did in


Sorry for typing in Thai but u can see all the pictures about her.If u have any question . U can e-mail and ask me.

About Victoria u can see her in

that her lover’s site.

in Thailand I can buy each of them with in 250 US Dollar that include the high torque sail servo,rudder servo and radio with transmitter not include battery and charger.

To sail both of her please use the high torque servo ( 9 kg.-cm up)
But u will see her can sail in soft wind with the stop seawind 55555. Sure…
emmm.wismerhell’ll angry me but I play with Seawind SE too…
Hope u enjoy with RC SAILBOAT…[:-bouncy]



not angry…looks like a SE…the fortune is nice…but limited to me…just a choice

but anyway fun to play with

nice pics…cant read tai hehe


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!