Newbie in Berkshire, UK

Hi there,

I’d like to introduce myself and say hello. (I’m typing this in a quiet corner of the house, because if my wife caught me now, I’d be skinned alive! She’s like that)

My only experience of any sailing is a day out (and in the water!) on Lasers when I was a student at university. That’s it, and it was a long time ago! My RC experience is only with aircraft. I do love building with balsa and other materials.

I’ve been wondering what to do with some slightly curved sheets of 3mm Depron that have been sitting around in my model stock. I can’t use them for wings and planes, but now it seems like there is ideal use for them. I’m intrigued about FOOTYs I really want to try making one. I’ll post some questions on the footy section.

Anyway, it’s great to be here. If there are folks in the Berkshire area who know good ponds to sail on, it would be superb to hear from you.

Ciao for now

Jibe in peace…:cool: