Newbie here, just found the site, COOL!

Hey, brand new here, just found this site!

Built and raced RC sailboats for many years, been a bit inactive lately but looking into a Footy to take with me on our sailing vacations in the BVI’s.

I race big monos here at home and have been sailing and racing for well over 30 years, we also take our vacations sailing on chartered boats in the British Virgin Islands.

We have settled into the big catamarans and take 2-3 trips per year and have a blast sailing, snorkeling, basically bar hopping by boat.

I have built and sailed several RC models including a scratch built from a fiberglass splash 1 meter that flies!

I am most interested now in putting together a footy I can bring along on our trips for some armchair sailing in anchorages…girls take forever to get ready to go ashore for dinner!!

I have been in contact with and just ran across a cool model from the Aussies, the 507

Any input would be appreciated!

Welcome to the site. For a good 2 page summary of the specs and photos of about 14 Footy’s from around the world, see the following link.

Back issue #152 of the AMYA Magazine features 30 pages on the Footy and can be purchased for about $7.00 at

For a review of some current racing activity and some neat foam based designs and photos, search around the Sand Point Model Sail Club in Titusville FL. Brent Carter is the current skipper to beat and won yesterday’s FFF II Regatta at Sunday Sloopers in Orlando. The Footy National’s will be hosted by SS in March.

Saildoggie, rather that clogging up the Balmain Bug thread I will post my recommendation here for the model type for taking on your travels.

IMHO the most suitable craft would be the Micro Magic kits from Graupner in Germany.

This class is sailed all around the world so you have the chance to sail against the local talent in many places but the main advantage over most small size models is that they sail so well out of the box , so to speak.

They are small enough to use a cheap tool box as a travelling case and the initial cost of a pair is within reason.

To be honest most FOOTY`s are a pain in the bum to tune and get sailing correctly and the frustration level is not worth the end result.

Now that I have offended half the planet I shall sit back and await the howls. :devil3:

Whoa!!! You are either very brave or crazy. The fur is going to fly now. LOL

Even Andrew at the maker of the 507 suggested the Micro Magic, they are readily available at hobby stores around here and would assemble pretty quickly.

The main thing is the Micro Magic may sail much better in varied conditions in the Caribbean I would sail it in.

I’d love to bring my scratchy 1 meter, it really sails well but way to big to pack.

I plan on using the same transmitter that I use to control my Olympus 1030 SW up a couple hundered feet up on a kite string.

Some kite photo pics here:
Our charter cat Voyage 440 S/VDream Cat at Anegada, BVI:

Buddy’s Privilege 435 Jeannius at Anegada:

Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

Awe, Heck, rest of that trips photos here:

Also kinda looking at this:

This thing looks fast, planes and can surf small wind waves!!

Looks pretty entertaining to sail!!!

i know alot of people post threads here… just for the newbie… but i am going to suggest you search for your own… but one of the threads i owuls suggest. is the …'SAILMAKING" thread. I started it, but alot of real good people kept it going. and there was plenty of information… there is no wrong. but just people adding things. I even made a set of sails with people suggesting… the only thing i would have asked for poeple is post pictures of your new set…

this forum is for people who love sailing and want to have fun


Saildoggie, there’s another class becoming widely sailed in many countries, the RG-65. If you enjoy building your own, it’s ideal. A bit bigger than the MicroMagic but a half-size Marblehead. Have a look on You’ll find plans for about 20 different designs.

I am now also looking at a model that will travel well and also sail in the kind of conditions I want to use it in…Balls Out!!

Robust design and they sail FAST!

Just a quick peek and (personal) observation - it sure looks like a slightly modified Laser to me - no below waterline photos, so hard to tell - but from what I can see the rudder attachment looks familiar.

First sail in some wind today, need to be right on it with crew wieght.

I have the sail control and crew posistion both on the left stick, a bit choppy and gusty, but here is a bit of video, just set the camera on the pond edge concrete as I need both hands for this one: