Newbie: Help identify boat

Hi there all,

I am very new to modelling and need some help.
A few years ago I bought a semi-built boat. I now have the time (and the guts [:-bigeyes2]) to try and complete it. I however needs plans and suggestions as to the way forward.

Attached is a few pics of what I have. I also have two sails (approx 2m high).
Can anybody help identify the boat and where I could get help to complete it.


Download Attachment: smallboat.JPG

Download Attachment: smallboat.jpg

Need a little more information, but I think it might be an older Marblehead (50/800 class). Any chance you can measure the length of the boat?

I measured the boat. It is 60 inches overall length.
The sails that I have is a main sail and jib of the same height (2m).

Possibly a home built 10 rater. Send the pictures to Rod Carr as he might have an answer.

If you want to build it up to sail and don’t have the experience to do so, then the best thing to do is find a club near you and try and get a member to help you through it. Any questions you may have certainly can be answered here.

This boat doesn’t look like any popular class or production boat from the recent past. It also looks to be in pretty rough shape. Greg is 100% right, you need to find someone local with experience and maybe get some hands on help. How you would go about saving the boat (and if it is worth saving) depends on the materials it is made out and the condition it is in. Check to see if the keel fin is twisted or straight. Site down the sides of the hull and look for bulges or sags and check if the shapes are still fair. If the boat isn’t straight it probably isn’t woth saving. Also look inside for any builders labels or marks and check to see if the boat is made of wood or fiberglass and if the fin is wood, metal or glass. Good Luck.

The boat I have could be a Tomahawk (10 Rater) from George Ribeiro. They seem to look very similar and is the only boat I could find information on that has a 60" LOA.

Do any one have experience with the Tomahawk? Some picture would also be very helpful?


It’s definitely NOT a Tomahawk. I am in the thinking that this is a ?one of? boat that was build by an individual quite a while ago. It was most likely built as a 10R judging from the overhangs. If you want to sail it, then I would rig it like a 10R or a Marblehead. It’s not a competative boat, so just get it out there to sail if you want.

I’d agree with Greg, that’s not a Tomahawk (which is a relatively new model line by Ribiero). It could certainly be built into a sailable model, though I doubt you’re going to find specific plans, etc.

I’d suggest checking out the US1M building material and scale things up to the dimensions you have. The US1M building guidlines are available from the AMYA website

Fair Winds,
David Goebel

Thanks everyone for your help. I will definitely try to get this boat sailing. Even if I cannot do it competitively.