Newbie checking in!

Hi everyone…I just found this site off a link over at RCuniverse.

Just thought I would test the waters.[:-pirate]

Any multi-masted sailors here?

Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!

Welcome Robert
Pull up a chair and have a coffee lots of great information on the site and great people also

There are a few multi mast sailers here

JayDee from the UK is one and I am working at converting a US1M over to a schooner based on the lines of the Mari Chaiv, And hoping to build a true schooner later

I believe there are a few others that are interested but have not yet build a multi mast yet


I have a Robbe Atlantis that comes after my trimarrans. Maybe at the same time.


you have all! [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Hey Hoghappy! I saw the pictures of your “Prince” on the other forums and I’d hardly say that you’re a newbie. Please, share the pictures of your ship here.[8D]