New Zealand postal classic

1st annual New Zealand postal classic

Notice of race
5 race internet racing series for Footy class yachts.
Racing period is 1st April 2007 - 30April 2007

Submit times for 5 races each of 5 laps around a 50 foot course with the windward mark fixed and the leeward mark attached by either a sunken or floating line of 50 feet in length.
There will be awards for the winner of the 5 race series.
All races will count and the low point scoring system will be used.
There will be handicap awards also.Handicaps will be calculated from one of the five races.This race will be drawn at random.All the subsequent races will be handicapped from these results.

Entries must be sent via e mail to
anytime from the 1st April until the 30th April 2007
We would encourage pictures of the course and boats sailing.
A e mail address of a witness who can verify your race results is also required.
Proof of mearsurment may be required,this will be via e mailed picture of the boat in the mearsurment box.

No results or times will be published until the close of racing.
The organizers decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Good luck and good racing!!

Good work Brett :slight_smile:
This is the format that can make things happen and keep it happening. Suddenly there is a real, tangible reason to get that course built and I hope that others are feeling the same. Possibly the most tense thing will be hoping the ice melts in time…!



Woot. I’ll be there, virtually, with bells on. I like the format, especially the handicapping.

I don’t know how I missed this, but I am stoked. My PipSqueak (I believe it is still the Intergalactic Internet Course record holder - not me, but the design from Brett!) should be good for a good posted time, I hope…

Anyway, this gives me a few months sailing here to build speed, and then in April, the warm water here in Florida is less dense :rolleyes: Hmmm, less dense, less resistance, more speed… At this scale, is it really any difference? :lol:

Graham, sorry about the hard water! Hope y’all in the MidWest survived the storm all right.

Footy 761

If the water is less dense don’t you sit lower and have a greater wetted area too? :slight_smile: We got about 8" to 10" of snow here in Sheboygan so not too bad… had enough of our drive cleared in 45 mins. These Wisconsinites are softies compared to a Yorkshireman :sly:

“All races will count and the low point scoring system will be used.”

Can you explain the low point scoring system please Brett?

I will follow appendix A of the racing rules of sailing.
1st place 1 point
2nd 2 points
3rd 3 points
4th 4 points
5th 5 points
6th 6 points
7th 7 points
8th and thereafter place plus 1 point(9 in this case)

So, should we require that people register their boat with at least the Footy Class Association to be eligble to race? Therefore promoting the class membership?

Obviously, it’s Brett’s race, but I think we would like to encourage all entrants to not only register with the Footy Class Association through their appropriate national registrar, but to also join their national Association as well (AMYA, MYA, etc).

The more the merrier - I am looking forward to the first (unofficial) World Championship Footy Class Regatta !

If in a padantic mood one could argue that a Footy by definition is a boat that has been registered in the class and passes mearsurment.Anything else is just a 12 inch yacht:)
I would encourage all of these things,but I doubt I would disallow anyone who hasn’t reached all these requirement’s this time around.

Suggest posting over at WindPower as well (if you haven’t), and I will forward your email to AMYA Model Yachting publication. New president/commodore taking over in January.

Technical Editor - AMYA Model Yachting

There seems to be a fair ammount of interest in this event.This is very pleasing as I did wonder if I was wasting my time or not.
There are a few events planned around the world that intend on sending in times for this event.I strongly engourage this as it brings Footy owners together.
One thing to note though for those of you who are going to participate in these race days is that you should be sure to notify whoever is running the race day that you want the times you acheived submitted or not.You have the whole time period allowed to get your 5 races in…if you can do better before or after the planned race day then tell the organiser that you will submit your own entry.
I can only accept 5 times from each sailor.

Even more “Piggy back” events have been announced.
This event will be big…of that now there is no doubt.

I can’t wait till the results start rolling in… they may even cause a headache at this end.Great stuff.

Anyone out there like to be a sponsor for this world first “reggatta”??

Nearly time for racing to begin.

Good luck all…I await the race times with great interest.


Just a reminder:

If you want to join in the Western New York division of the International Get a Footy Wet Day, aka the April 22 blitz of the New Zealand Postal Classic, the entry form can be found here.


I have a couple of spot prizes that have been donated by Ian Hull Brown for the Postal classic.
They are rather nice and worth having your entry in for!!
Thanks again Ian!

Would be nice if there was other "loot’ to give away…Footy builders etc now is your chance to get in on the worlds first major Footy event ,give it some thought.


I suggest using the High Point scoring system for fleet racing, where the winner receives the score of the number of boats in the race. The low point system gives inordinate advantage to winners if there are many enntries, and to number two if only two boats enter a race.
I also suggest that the Even-Odd heat system be used if heats are required. I greatly dislike elitist systems in anything!