New Zealand Builders

I am wanting 2 Footys but don’t’ have the skills to make them. (i have tried!!). Is there anyone who would be willing to make some for me? I will be very willing to pay for your time. I am in wellington but can get them couriered.

If anyone is interested please contact me with a price.

Even if somebody made lead bulbs that would be helpful

send me a msg Steve_nz

Steve, I am in Wellington and am happy to gift you some bits or even a boat.
Ring me on 479-4111
Cheers, Ian.

I got my first footy in the weekend, THANK YOU very much to Ian HB. Much appreciate it. Should be taking it out for our first sail on saturday. Ian, what sort of string do you use for the rigging?
thanks again

Spectra is the best. Available from any good fishing shop in various breaking strains.
We shall be sailing AC15`s on Sunday at Seaview Marina if you are interested.