New Website

Vision Sails new website is up and running! Check it out.

Looks good.

Do you just make sails for the Victorias and vs90, or do you plan on expanding?

couple of things I enjoyed on your site:

  • Love the frontpage picture and logo at the top.
  • The clickable diagram is a unique way of showing the boats and designs.
  • very easy to read too.

(little jealous :slight_smile: )

Right now, I am only tackling a few things. I may add more as time goes, but it will all depend on my stock items and how fast they sell.

Thanks for the compliments on the site, I love it as well.

Brian - PM me if any interest in providing sails for RG-65 class at around 344.10 sq. inches. Class is up to 47 registered owners/boats and some might have an interest for custom (or stock) sails.

and - I suppose for the F-48 multihulls too. Not many being built but sometimes I get questions. 1400 sq. inches for them.


Tried to send via your site, but must have been too many characters.

Really cool!

May want to see if you are interested in making a fat top main for my new A-600 skiff.

I have not sailed it yet but the sail area looks kinda sparse.

Nice looking craftsmanship there!!:zbeer:

Love the look of those things! How does it sail? II have watched the videos several times, look slike it would definitely keep you on your toes!:slight_smile:

Hi… just joined the forum and thought I would let you all see the Victoria rig
that I received from Brian. It is absolutely beautiful, and shipped in nice box.
I can post more pictures when my Victoria project gets closer to completion.
Kind of hung up on how I will attach servos (not that ugly box in the kit?)

Anyway, here is the picture already :slight_smile:


Uh, FAST!!
The ballasted crew posistion is critical, just like sailing a real skiff, you can even steer with crew weight!!

Finally sailed her with more breeze, our community pool offers wind shifts that did capsize the A-600 a couple of times, easily righted with Hans, my crew dude.

The sail is a one piece ripstop creation that came with the kit, I will at least add battens to, I went with an ustayed CF tube rig that is far lighter and stiffer than the wood one called out.

Discovered some water inside so had the whole boat apart today and sealed the entire hull/deck joint with RTV.

I can tell I want a “real” sail already, this puppy will be packed for my Caribbean sailing trips and I want her to sail fast!!:zbeer: