new video

hi guys. just wondering what you thought of a new video i posted on you tube
just want some feed back. good ,bad or ugly.
it has my boats in it. as well as others i downloaded off the net.
i was bored and i like making videos:graduate:

I’m using dial up at the moment and it was much too slow to allow me to watch more than a couple of frames.

My reaction was that putting a series of still photos into a move format requires a lot more bandwidth than just posting the still photos as JPGs . The stills could have higher resolution than the movie and still use less bandwidth.

When I look at sailboat photos, I like to zoom in to study details. Your photgraphs were nice closeups. I would like to see the photos, but will not take the time to view it in this format.

John do you have a club that you sail with in Yuma??

Sorry to hijack this thread . . .

Hi Larry,

There is no formal club here in Yuma. There are a bunch of guys who get together every Wednesday from around 11.00am to 2;00pm. We sail at the West Wetlands Park. Go north off 1st St on 12th Ave.

Most guys sail Soling 1m. I have my IOM, there are a couple of plastic kit boats (Nirvana 11 etc) and occasionally a West Coast 12M. There will be a US1M here again next winter. We usually have about 8 to 10 boats on the water.

Most are not interested in racing, but usually play follow the leader around some marks. Very informal. . .no rules.

What a great pond, all ponds should be landscaped that way. We have a new one here that is going to be part of a “special needs” park for kids that can’t enjoy a standard playground… I am hoping that they will landscape it that nicely. It has one marvellous feature in that a short distance from the launching area the ground rises steeply and allows you to stand 15’ above the water giving you and excellent view of the Start line, so you get the best of both worlds.

The only sail boat would be mine, but the bar terrace overlooks the lake:zbeer:

i guess my video stinks? you would rather comment on the scenery:mad:
thanks guys

Shucks, no. Mind you, they’re not the fastest IOM’s; that schooner seems able to keep up with them.:wink:

looks good cougar, the boat club that I am a member of does one metre sailing every month as well as fast electric racing and scale sailing.

I may video the sailing next year as I have already filmed an FE eveny